Welcome to the Hispanic Alliance Senior Care website!  Our goal is  to offer the community resources that support the care of aging family and friends. We believe that the caregiver and the care recipient are one and the same, so we strive to provide information for resources that look after the wellbeing of both. We serve the community of Southeastern Connecticut and welcome your feedback to continuously improve this resource website. 

This website represents the outcome of a community-engaged learning experience project for long-term caregiving in the Hispanic community of New London, Connecticut  led by Connecticut College professors, Maria Amparo Cruz-Saco and Mónika López-Anuarbe. Their early research revealed the lack of accessible information for caregivers in this community. Accordingly, they gathered the initial information for a culturally and linguistically competent website to help fill the “information gap” within the community.   The Hispanic Alliance of Southeastern Connecticut continues this vital project and in so doing recognizes the importance of collaborating with community partners to ensure and manage the effectiveness and sustainability of this project. As such, with the activation of this final website, the project aims to engage partnerships with community organizations. 

About the Hispanic Alliance
Founded in 2000, the Hispanic Alliance of Southeastern Connecticut is committed to addressing the need for access to bicultural/bilingual resources for the Hispanic Community in the region through Strategic partnerships, collaborations, research, education and advocacy to promote public policy changes.