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Assessing the situation of a loved one

The needs of older parents, relatives, and friends are manifested in a gradual and progressive way. Under certain conditions, however, these needs can become unexpectedly apparent.

Our loved one´s well-being may be affected by physical, mental, and environmental conditions that we need to understand:

They may encounter difficulties with daily routines such as: getting out of the home, running errands, keeping their personal care, and hygiene.

They may have been diagnosed with any chronic disease, experienced weight loss, fatigue, and incontinence.

They may be repeating stories or questions without noticing.

They may be forgetting to take her/his medications; become withdrawn; feel depressed; and lack enthusiasm to enjoy everyday activities which they used to enjoy.

Their safety at home may be hindered by the inability to reduce accidents, keep up with the house, or be a fraud target.

If you identify any of these signs, you may have to turn your attention to how you can best support and assist your loved one with kindness, respect, and ease. It may also be time for a social worker or geriatric health specialist to assess the situation of your loved one and her/his family.

Additional information

For additional information on how to assess your loved one ́s situation, please us the following link to read: